Our Services

Our team of experienced Speech and Language Therapists can offer a range of services to suit your child’s needs.

Initial Assessment

Before any kind of intervention takes place, we assess all children. You will first be invited for an initial consultation and we will take a detailed case history. We will also informally assess your child where possible, typically through various play activities in younger children or more structured activities in older children. We also have some informal assessments to assess speech sounds which we can do in an initial consultation if needed. Depending on your child’s needs and age, the initial assessment will take place at nursery, school or at home.

Initial Assessment £100.

Formal Assessment

If we feel a formal assessment would be beneficial, particularly in school aged children who may be in receipt of an Educational, Health or Care Plan or are applying for one, this will be discussed with you in your initial assessment. A formal assessment helps us to understand what your child’s language is like in specific areas, in comparison to their peers.

Formal Assessment – starting at £150

1 to 1 Therapy

Therapy sessions are typically 60 minutes and can take place in the clinic, online, home and school/nursery. We believe in personalised, intensive and early intervention, and therefore the therapy plan is developed to suit your needs.

For most children, two sessions a week allows skills to consolidate and generalise more effectively. It also allows the child to build a strong therapeutic relationship with their therapist which is vital for communication development. In addition, if your child is having one session in nursery, it is helpful for parents to have another session at home so they can see the work that is being done and carry over the strategies. We also welcome extended family, such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, to get involved in therapy. In nursery, we usually ask your child’s key worker to be part of sessions as well so that they can carry over the strategies in the nursery setting.

1 to 1 Therapy £75 per hour (an additional 45p per mile may be added for remote visits) – An Assessment session is required before a personalised 1 to 1 Therapy plan can be created.


Groups are a great way for children to develop their social communication skills as well as to generalise and add to the language they have developed. During term time, we offer paired therapy sessions (2 children:1 therapist) who have similar goals. Over half term and school holidays, we continue to offer paired therapy sessions or small groups of up to five children.


We offer consultative services for children who may have a 1:1 or shadow at school who is able to deliver some language intervention. We can assess your child and put together a therapy plan with resources that is reviewed monthly or every 6 weeks, depending on the plan. We are also able to offer consultative services for EHCP meetings and informal meetings with school or nursery, to help advocate for what would be best for your child. We are also able to fulfill EHCP Speech and Language Therapy provisions which include 1:1 therapy, reports, therapy plan for staff and attending annual reviews.